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starting over

okay, i’m going to give this blog thing another try. My last attempt didn’t end well… i couldn’t find a way to actually write these posts without trying to sound cool or sophisticated… like, “look at my life, i’ll end up in portland one day writing christian books hanging out in starbucks alot, but i actually play guitar by night… yeah i’m awesome…”

anyways… i finished school last week, honestly didn’t do too well… i know what my problem is… i have no idea what i want to do, and what i mean by that is i have no major… therefore i am not excited for classes, (is that possible?).. anyways set up some goals for summer…

– tomorrow sign up for summer school class… ya get on that.
– find a job, look tomorrow.
-don’t sleep in until 12 every day, (at latest 10)
-make some money at the beach.
-figure my life out